You are amazing; cultivating a growth mindset

It really has been too long since I allowed myself this bliss time to just talk/blog to you amazing health warriors. There is so much to share I am not sure even where to begin. I hope all is well with you, and that you are building your toolbox of strategies to great health and wellness, a day at a time.

It is a different perspective when we view health as a journey rather than something that requires a magic pill, or even worse something elusive that isn’t available to you as an individual. Over the past eleven years, I have studied nutrition almost every day, I have heard and observed so many peoples stories of transformation through changing lifestyle, that my belief in the power of food along with other wellbeing strategies is absolutely solidified. Once you trust, and take a path of self-awareness and go in search of what works for you, life opens up. Often times this means trying new things and reaching out of your comfort zones, and also, always questioning the embedded beliefs you have carried for years from others or cultivated through your own experiences. You see, we build stories that we have learned from past experience and they become such tightly held fears, in some cases, it can stop us from being the best versions of ourselves. I am certainly on this journey, and always learning and shedding layers. Be open, listen to where you are feeling resistance in your body to an idea, where fear and judgment pops up. This just may be something you want to have a go at!

My story was that I wasn’t intelligent enough to be a teacher, and then I became a teacher, to be honest as I am writing this, I am not quite sure how it all happened. I followed my heart, took a risk to go to University at 32 years of age (that story is so random too). I had and have so many embedded beliefs that I am clearing a day at a time, those tied to being unworthy and not being enough, these are not true. As I started to teach, I started to understand that we are all capable of so much more than we think and believe. I read Carol Dweck’s book (amazing!!), realising my fixed mindset was rapidly changing to a growth mindset. Whenever I hear myself say or think “I can’t” I try and catch myself to say “YET” at the end of the sentence. Then Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘Outliers’ (all of his books are amazing – David and Goliath another of my favourites), provided me with even more fuel, and of course, it was the 10,000 hours rule. Anyone can do anything if you really want to do something you have to put the hours in, cultivate the skills. Natural talent I am sure it exists, but I can honestly say I don’t think it was ever the case for me.

So, I thought I had this growth mindset down! Began my Ph.D. in October last year, so now 5 months in, gosh it is tougher than I thought seriously. However, the biggest challenge is to keep remembering that growth mindset. The demons of unworthiness and the thoughts of “how did you ever think you could do this?” You, the girl from the council estate, just because you became a teacher, doesn’t mean you can do your doctorate…” A few weeks ago I received the first official feedback on my academic writing, and wow that voice became loud. How did I react? I melted, cried a lot, felt sorry for myself and then flipped that switch! I tapped into every tool I had, listening to inspiring books, podcasts, talking to my friends, writing my “I am’s” every morning (I am intelligent etc.) Because I know and trust that those voices are not real, they are old beliefs, but they are also the mind trying to keep me safe. It is very early days for my Ph.D., but I know that keeping my mindset strong is the most important part, and recently I listened to the most amazing podcast. Rich Roll was interviewing Tom Bilyeu (you will be able to find the episode) and Tom was amazing, he talked about cultivating your belief system, and part of my belief system is that I am a learner, somethings I am not so good and will take more practice than others. I have the courage to try and to keep going, and he said words to this effect which really struck a cord, I wonder if they will for you.

‘Stop valuing yourself for being good at something and start valuing yourself for being willing to learn and try something new’

Can you imagine, if every child had this mindset if we can nurture this in our children, what a powerful future they will have, and what a better world we will all live in?

You are amazing,

Lots of love and health,

Kelly x