Crave less, live more Yoga and Nutrition workshop 2018

After the popular demand of our boosting your hormones naturally workshops in 2017, Tara and I have collaborated once again to deliver bespoke nutrition and sustainable weight loss workshops.

I have to say it has been quite a challenge going through all of my knowledge and squeezing out the most impactful information that will help you the most to fit in one hour! However, after weeks of whittling down the information, I think I have the most important secrets of success to share. I will focus on three areas, which are how your hormones impact weight loss/gain and what to do. the truth is most of us are Leptin (the satiated hormone) resistant which means it is difficult to identify real physical hunger. We will also cover the gut microbiome and what you can eat to increase weight loss as a pure side effect of great health, impacting your skin, your mood, your concentration, everything! Emotional cravings are our strongest enemies at times, but research shows specific food cravings can very often mean something, learn what these can be for you. I will also provide you with lots of practical easy tips to implement habits straight away. My secret tips for keeping a healthy weight. I lost over 3 stones more than 20 years ago and have maintained a healthy weight since.

 During the second half of the workshop, Tara will work her magic, focusing on activating the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) through a mindful yoga & breathing practice. This will maximise your ability to relax, rest & literally digest thus enabling you to burn body fat. You do not have to have any experience in yoga, and you will absolutely love this part of the workshop. Tara is amazing! 

Join us and you will be motivated to fabulous health, see booking information below.

Lots of love and health,

Kelly x


Booking information

Beware knowledge & self-awareness can cause positive side effects, creating shifts in the way you think & treat your body. You will leave the workshop with practical strategies to implement straight away, tips for eating mindfully and a conscious willing attitude to embrace change. We look forward to empowering you Tara & Kelly.

How to book & secure your place:
Or call Tara 07974 677693

Date: 02/02/18

location: Pilates & Beyond Studio, Darlington.

Time: 7-9pm

Cost: £25.00 (to be paid prior to workshop )

Please wear comfortable clothing and also bring a blanket for comfort.
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