Which is the best dairy free milk?

Happy World Plant Based milk day!

The exciting and dramatic growth of plant-based alternatives to milk is taking the food industry by storm, this is a good thing on many levels, because of the reduced negative impact on our planet, the mainstream acceptance of veganism and concern for the welfare of our animals. Not to mention the rise of heart disease and cancer in western countries driving the need for lower fat, lower cholesterol and non-dairy options. 

For a large percentage of the population suffering with lactose (sugar contained in milk) intolerance or for those with a dairy milk allergy, the traditional option was soya milk, but many people have a soy allergy and so the new vast range of options on the market is a definite plus. But there is so much choice, so which are the best plant-based milks?

I did a little investigation into the nutrition profiles of some of these dairy milk alternatives to help you make an informed choice. 

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As you can see from the table below, there are differences in nutrition content, but all fortified versions of plant-based (PB) milks offer comparable levels of calcium to dairy milk and are generally also fortified with vitamin D. The protein levels do vary greatly, and we see Pea milk as being the potential ‘hot shot’ of the PB alternatives and a promising sustainable alternative, although the cost is a downside at this present time. As always, whichever PB milk you consume, a varied and balanced diet is the most important in keeping you and your families nourished. 

Lots of love and health, Kelly x

Table providing nutrition content of Cows milk and plant based beverages, per 100ml of product. 

 caloriesSat fat gCarbs gSugar gFibre gProtein gCalcium mg
Cows semi skimmed milk 502.284.65503.28119
Unsweetened Soya Milk Aldi340.4<0.5<0.5<0.53.4120
Pea milkThe Mightly Society unsweetened 350.
Unsweetened almond milk Aldi200.11.3<0.5<0.5<0.5120
Alpro unsweetened Soya milk330.3000.63.3120
Alpro unsweetened almond milk130.1000.30.4120
Alpro coconut milk200.92.71.900.1120
Hemp milkGood hemp unsweetened 270.3<0.1<0.1<0.50.6118
Oatly oat drink570.
Alpro Rice milk470.19.53.300.1120
Hazelnut Innocent range720.38.32.901?
Banana milkMooala 2503<1.5<0.5<0.50

Note: Homemade dairy free milks are a healthy alternative and the pros are that there are no additives. However, in terms of nutrient content, fortified plant-based milks provide the calcium and added vitamins and minerals that you may need

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