Three tips to keep a healthy weight for Xmas

The season of jolly and festivities is upon us

I love Christmas and everything about it, and giving gifts has always been the most exciting thing. Of course now I am older, and more aware of those in need it is an opportunity to be kind and share some of the abundance. At the same time look after you, try not to get frazzled.  For those who need this message, really please don’t get stressed about being ready for Santa coming, it always comes together each and every year. Your family wants to spend time with you, that is the most precious gift. 

Health weight tips for Xmas!

So this year has been extremely exciting with regards to our ‘Nourish you’ plant based weight loss programme. The participant results have shown significant improvements in health markers such as reduced cholesterol, blood sugars as well as amazing weight loss, but even more importantly participants have doubled and in most cases tripled the quantities of fibre they are consuming on a daily basis! Every single Nourish you participant is reporting in excess of 30g of fibre daily. This is the national target for public health and the average person in the UK is consuming between 10-15g of fibre. This is even more important when you put this in a preventative health context. Increase in fibre is associated with reduced risk of many conditions including heart disease, obesity and cancer. 

The inner journey to a healthy weight

Having lost in excess of 3 and a half stone, 20 years ago and maintaining that all of this time, I have a wealth of empathy and understanding of the different stages of mindset that happen when one is feeling pain and stuck, and then moving through the journey. 

The inner journey is the most essential part of sustaining change and acknowledging that you are amazing and worthy can take time but it is so worth it, peal back the layers and get to the root of your overeating. Are you eating because of years of habit? (My ebook, small things count can help you form new habits and replace unhealthful ones). Are you numbing out and self harming through food? Work through your past and find new ways to self care, adopt mantras and work on brainwashing to self acceptance and love. 

Do you have traditions at Christmas that are tied up with so much happiness and love that they just have to happen. But you have lost weight and are feeling great and really just don’t want to pile on the pounds and feel rubbish in January? Here are some tips to take on board and reduce these effects as well as still enjoying all of your traditions and treats. 

The slim mindset, you can have it

Yes genetics plays are very small part in likelihood of one overeating and being overweight, but think about the slim friend you have who says I can eat what I want. You look at them and you think that so isn’t fair. The truth is that friend will have that meal and those treats, but throughout the next day and the following week, they will be listening to their body and adjust their diet accordingly, mainly without even conscious thought. This is totally available to you, it just takes a shift in mindset, and when this isn’t natural for you, it takes a little bit of work. New habits always do. You see our minds want us to be comfortable and so when we feel uncomfortable our thoughts and our minds will try to convince us to give up and go back to the comfort zone. Be aware and think about how you want to feel for life. 

Three tips for xmas!

  1. The feeding window – 8-12 hours 

The research is new with this, but animal studies have shown amazing results and it makes a lot of sense. I often talk about the gut microbiome as a garden, and we want to grow the beneficial bacteria, because this is what helps us feel great and boosts immunity, and we want to kill off the weeds which do the opposite. So, it makes sense that the garden needs time to flourish, without the constant influx of food. Everyone is different and the advice for a general healthy person is to get into the habit of eating in a 12 hour window during the day, so for example, you would not consume anything past 8pm and then have breakfast post 8am. We are seeing those with IBS and other related conditions benefiting from a slightly longer fasting period. This is a great habit to get into and can really help you feel amazing and keep a healthy weight. 

2. Reduce alcohol intake – a glass of water between drinks 

Alcohol impacts how well you burn off the food you consume, as its so high in energy the body must attempt to burn this off first. Drinking a light tonic with lemon and berries in a lovely glass can just as enjoyable without the gin, but even reducing and keeping hydrated in between will ensure you feel much better the next day without the need to binge to get that blood sugar increased!

3. Eat a rainbow and adjust on the restful days 

Make batches of soups and curries for those days when you are in-between family gatherings. Feed your garden with healthy vegetables and fruits. You will adjust your overeating on the down days and enjoy walks outside in nature to recharge. 

Have an amazing Christmas, look after you and yours and spend some precious time with your family. 

Much love and health, 


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