The 5 best habits for a long, healthy happy life

I have been over the moon with the results and messages I have been getting in response to the ‘Release me” freedom from sugar programme and wanted to follow up with as many of you superstars as possible. It was more than 5 years ago I made a decision to be my own experiment and take the free sugars (added/extrinsic sugars) out of my eating pattern and I have never been the same since! In the very best of ways. Some people look at me like I am crazy when I suggest taking sugar out of your life and it really doesn’t have to be for life, however, as so many of you have discovered it is mind-blowing how much better you feel when you are no longer hooked on the sweet stuff, and understand how your body works with and without it.

So many foods are created to ‘blisspoint’ specifications, which means we eat them and we lose the inability to feel satiated! Causing us to overeat, this is why where this ‘perfect point’ of tricking the brain comes in, willpower doesn’t exist. Having this understanding that your health is in your hands is essential to your energy levels and your future health and longevity.

If you haven’t already signed up, go for it, sign up for the ‘Release me’ 21-day programme here:

This week I was able to renew my registration with the Association for Nutrition for the 4th time. This makes me so proud and drives me to be the best I can be to help others navigate what can be confusing, and let’s remember a very new science. There are very few answers as to the perfect way of eating and so many studies are poor and incorrectly translated. So this got me thinking about what to include in this next blog. Find some non-negotiable habits below that you will want to start to incorporate into your life for amazing health.

Once you have completed your 21 days ‘release me’ programme you are in the perfect place to improve your overall diet for longevity and improved brain function. And so what is next? You are on this fantastic health journey and so keep going. Pick a focus for your next 21 days. Wow! can you imagine your self in 1 year!!!

The 5 Habits of amazing health, cognitive function and longevity

1. Lose ‘good’ and ‘bad’ – do you say ‘I have been good/bad’ or I am going to be good? Catch yourself saying this, it is counterproductive to your healthy mindset. You are already good, no food intake is going to change that. In fact, you are a blooming miracle and you are fantabulous!! Swap it for something like “I am nourishing my body” or “I am eating healthy foods that are making me feel great”. Alternatively, “I have eaten foods that made me feel a bit yuk yesterday, I deserve to feel good and so I am eating only nourishing foods today”.

2. Have a good sleep routine – Sleep is the first step for a healthy weight. If we do not sleep well it messes with our hormones, causing us to overeat and hold on to visceral fat. Go to sleep and rise at a similar time each day, and make sure your bedroom is clear of clutter and technology, cool and welcoming.

3. Be active every day – moving more will support your body and your brain. In the parts of the world where people are living healthily and happily aged hundred plus, they are not sitting down all day and then spending an hour in the gym. Add some more movement into your day, this could be going for a walk in your lunchtime, taking the stairs instead of the lift or escalator, even start the day with a short walk now the light morning are here. As part of your new routine, you may want to do some gardening, swimming, running, HIIT training, yoga (we know that yoga is linked to a healthy body, mind and longevity).

4. Have a stress-reducing toolbox – Do you manage stress well? Do you have strategies that help you reduce overwhelm? Think about what helps you be mindful, not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow, just being in the now. Write them all down and aim to do one of them every day. This could include playing an instrument, reading a book, meditating, joining a yoga class, having a warm luxurious bath, ringing a good friend, walking or running in nature, singing or dancing etc. Stress is ageing and like sleep causes hormonal disruption and weight gain, therefore breathing and enjoying our life will support excellent health for life.

5. Eat well – Nourishing our bodies is essential to feeling good. Consuming foods high in fibre and rarely having processed foods high in sugar, salt and saturated fats is the main focus. Eating as close to your ancestors and as seasonal to where you live as possible will improve your energy levels. Remember, our ancestors consumed small amounts of meat and fish, resting in between meals, some days less than others. Include these following foods (not an exclusive list by any means) into your day, as they have been proven to support longevity and a healthy mind and body:

Greens – A mix of greens each day will provide iron, vitamin C and A in addition to molecules which support amazing skin and gut health e.g. Dandelion, leaves, spinach, kale etc.

Flaxseed/linseed – high in omega 3, a tablespoon of flaxseed in smoothies or milled and sprinkled over oats or salad will support brain health and overall immunity.

Nuts, seeds and berries – include a tablespoon of nuts and seeds into your day and berries to top yoghurts, salads and porridge. Again these are nourishing your body, adding fibre, amazing fats and micronutrients to support longevity, immunity, weight loss and beauty.

Beans – Beans are consumed a few times a week in the healthiest areas of the world, add them to soups, salads, and casseroles.

Extra virgin olive oil – adding a tablespoon to a salad will help you absorb the nutrients essential for your body, skin, eyes, bones, and hair. Studies have shown this is the best oil to support weight loss and a sharp brain

Organic dark chocolate – High in polyphenols, dark chocolate is highly nutritious. Avoid the ‘blisspoint’ trickery by choosing 85% cocoa content and no dairy or sugar added. 1 bar a week is perfect to keep magnesium levels up, help you feel calm and supporting you sleep well.

Enjoy your health journey, it is a marathon, not a sprint and it is also ‘What you do most of the time that counts’.

Lots of love and health,

Kelly x