Since meeting you, Kelly, I have been inspired to change my eating habits. I now eat less, but more in nutrition–rich food, and I’m drinking more water. I feel healthier and more energised. I now recognise when I am becoming slightly anxious and utilise the deep slow breathing technique you recommended. Thank you so much for all that and for your boundless positivity that makes everything seem achievable x
I’ve known Kelly for about four years now and her passion for food and nutrition is infectious. She’s been a true inspiration to me to clean up my diet in order to boost my immune system and feel healthier.

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis a couple of years back and after many years of pain and inflammation in my knees (resulting in two separate arthroscopic surgeries, one on each knee) and pain in my wrists and fingers I made the decision to completely cut out gluten from my diet. I made this decision after following a plan that Kelly had put together especially for rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune diseases and feeling relief in my joints even after a month. My most recent visit to my rheumatologist confirmed that the meal plans have worked. I was told that I no longer have any of the antibodies that indicate RA in my blood. He was really impressed and when I told him about Kelly he said he wished more of his patients had a friend like her.

What I love about Kelly is that there is never any judgement with her. She’s always ready with advice on how to stick with the plan through support and tips on creating new habits. I cannot recommend Kelly highly enough if you are wanting to improve your quality of health or boost your self esteem through losing a bit of weight. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me Kelly.

~ Julie Hoyland, aged 35

I’m feeling really good about the changes we’re making to our diet – not just mine – the whole family. I’ve made changes before but they’ve always been quite extreme and faddy; not sustainable long term for me, or even in the short time for fussy children. I feel a lot more balanced and sensible about the changes I’m making now, and that’s good because we’re all feeling benefits, without feeling hugely restricted.

You say lots of amazing things, but for me, the thing that puts you way above so many nutrition people is that you’re so understanding and accepting of humanity. I can tap into your advice, fall completely off the wagon, yet still come back to listen and get back on track. It’s so easy to feel judged by others – and that’s on top of the whole food shame that you’ve already felt – so it’s lovely to have a nutritionist who draws a line under the mishaps and helps to get you focused back on the good stuff. Thank you, thank you, lovely lady.

~ Claire, Northumberland

Weight loss and clean eating. That was my aim. Over the course of a month I wanted to loose half a stone. Lethargy bought on by a newly diagnosed under active thyroid and the concern that after turning 50 the middle age spread was looming. I met Kelly at my own home. Warm and understanding , with heaps of encouragement I embarked on my clean eating. As I had the underlying issue of the thyroid, Kelly guided me through the myriad of does and don’ts, to a clear understanding of what I needed to do to attain the results I wanted. I DID IT!!
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Yes I lost the half a stone. Strangely that became less important as my energy levels have soared , my mood lifted , this is worth working for as much as the change in body fat. I continue to loose a few more pounds healthily , enjoying the ‘new’ found foods. I have made this change with ongoing support from Kelly finding I WANT to eat clean now. The ‘by product’ is a happy me which is actually possibly even more important? Thank you Kelly. I look forward to both the new recipes and tips for healthy eating .

Rachel, North Yorkshire