Super food fudge and a happier life

Good morning beautiful!

This week I have been listening and watching some fabulous material, details of which I will share with you here. I find that developing the habit of learning and growing by choosing to watch, listen and read inspiring stories and situations supports a more positive mindset.

It is worth asking yourself the questions, ‘what am I listening to?’, Is this helping my mindset, supporting happy positive thoughts? If not you may want to change things. Is it possible for you to listen to podcasts, watch you tube videos on topics that inspire you, whilst you exercise, walk, iron etc?

I am so excited to be visiting Greystones in Ireland in a few weeks! This is the home of the ‘Happy Pear’ and if you have not heard of them already you need to subscribe to their you tube channel. They are twins David and Stephen, they make my family and me laugh every time we watch them cook up a plant based dish, and I can not wait to enjoy the natural healthy food in County Wicklow. The Happy Pear are becoming a phenomenon, being part of Jamie Oliver’s food tube family they are cookbook authors, and their food revolution includes healthy cooking courses, a natural food shop, cafes, restaurant and superfood sprout farm. What I love most about them is that they swim in the sea and they give away free porridge! As porridge is just about my most favourite thing in the world, this thought makes me very happy indeed.

I look forward to sharing details of my journey to Ireland with you in a few weeks, for now, I will share with you a recipe slightly adapted from the Happy pear, that I made with my daughter Ava this week. Oh my, gosh, it is so easy and completely gorgeous!

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Happy Pear super fudge
150g tahini

2 tbsp coconut oil

65g date nectar

pinch of Himalayan or sea salt

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 tbsp cacao powder

1 tbsp cacao nibs plus another for topping

1 tbsp sunflower seeds

tbsp goji berries for the top

Watch for how to make or:

mix all the ingredients together, keeping a tablespoon of goji berries and cacao nibs for the top. Place into a container and refrigerate until hardened enough to enjoy. It should be lovely and gooey. Yum…

What I have been listening to

I love Tim Ferris, he is an author of quite a few books including the 4 hour work week. I love that he quotes and reads stoicism often and last week his interview with Eric Weinstein, was fascinating.

My favourite part was when Eric stated that those labeled with a learning disability are simply super learners and our education system is just not up to it, and so we label as a disability. Absolutely love this, I have always said that my eldest child’s ‘dyslexia’ is simply a superpower, anyway if you are interested, have a listen.
What I have been watching

I just love Ted talks, they can be amazingly inspiring, one day I will put a list of my favourites together and post them

This week I watched two great ones, one about slowing down in a fast world by Carl Honore and the other on what we eat by Mark Bittman.

Although Mark is not a vegetarian his no no nonsense and truthful account about how we eat today is well worth a watch. He talks about the fact that meat. junked and cheese are the very things that kill us yet are advertised more than most food products. He says “you do not need animal products, white bread or coke for health” and advocates half a pound of meat a week.

“You eat more plants and less of the other stuff, you live longer” Mark Bittman

What I have been reading

I am currently reading Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biography, a huge book, but absolutely fascinating – his mindset is inspiring.

This week I made a fab recipe ‘Kicheri’ from Plant powered way by Rich Roll and his lovely wife Julie.

There is also a new book out by Jonathon fields about how we need to keep our three buckets filled up (vitality, contribution, and connection), this philosophy is so true, well worth a read. Look him up at the good life project.
Have a wonderful week and keep shining your light,

lots of love and health,


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