Sugar, sugar, sugar!

There is so much information about sugar at the moment, media stories,  documentaries etc. Most of this information in our experience, tells us that we have been misinformed and how much sugar is actually in every day food products even bread!

However we want to help you get to the nitty gritty

Why is sugar bad? Do we need sugar? Why do I crave sugary foods?

Scientists, for the most part agree that the pleasure response in the brain when consuming or even come close to sugary foods activates the same response as that received from taking an addictive drug. Sugar causes chemical responses within our bodies, in addition to the effect it has on our taste buds. Sugar makes us feel good and gives us energy (for a very short amount of time).

Added sugar is high in energy but unlike fat which is needed in many areas of the body, if not burned off as fuel goes straight to the liver and is converted to fat. This fat collects in the areas we do not want it to – hence the muffin top!

Fat and the peplum skirt

I was told a story a little while ago from an expert in the fashion industry, and how the reintroduction of the peplum skirts and dresses was to  hide the muffin top syndrome (caused by sugary drinks e.g. coffee shop smoothies and large servings of special coffee, milkshakes and energy drinks)!

Reducing sugar does these things and more:

1. Reduces the brain fog – your brain just works better!

2. Improves energy levels – unexpected huge improvement in energy – no more crashes!

3. Improved moods – stabilised blood sugars resulting in reduced mood swings.

4. Helps your healthy gut bacteria to grow and to decrease the risk of illness and disease.

If you think you are dependant on sugar in a way that is affecting your health. Try swapping one thing from your day as a first step, keep this one healthy swap going for 21 days and then reduce another sugary snack for the same length of time. Your taste buds will change, your gut health (microbiome in your tummy!) will significantly improve providing you with more energy and reduced risks of illness and many diseases.

Need more help, try one of the food plans on the site or contact me for a consultation.

Stay passion-ately healthy,

Kelly x 


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