Release Me

The 21 Day Freedom from Sugar Cleanse Programme

Presented by Passionate Nutrition & The Wellness Academy

Hi Kelly, I just want to message you to say a massive thank you for introducing me to the 21 days sugar free plan. I can honestly say that I have so enjoyed the journey. The first week was exciting, the second hard at times but in the last week I have started to really feel the benefits, I feel amazing. I have so much more energy I am exercising every day and getting out for runs as well. I haven’t even missed the things I thought I would (chocolate!) and I am going to keep up this lifestyle. I am excited for another challenge soon!

Are you:

  • unable to walk away with
    only one biscuit?
  • suffering from brain fog and feeling unclear often?
  • experiencing strong sugar cravings?
  • experiencing mood instability?
  • experiencing multiple daily energy slumps?
  • feeling low on energy and want to feel better?
  • desperate to kick-start your weight loss journey and lose the cravings?

If you answered YES to any of the above, you are ready to start the Release Me programme.

Topics covered:

  • Changing your food habits and your thought habits
  • Recommended foods, books and other resources
  • Alternative “rewards”
  • Decoding the sophisticated marketing that keeps us stuck
  • Hormone balancing
  • and so much more …

You will receive an email each day to support your journey. Have faith, you can do this, you are so much more powerful than you know.


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