Homemade easter eggs

These were very easy and were exciting for my children to make. You will need to purchase a silicon mould, which are very easy to get hold of from amazon.co.uk.

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Homemade easter eggs
For the egg:
  1. Break the chocolate into a bowl and place the bowl on top of the pan (fill the pan halfway with water, making sure that the bowl will not touch the water, bring the water to the boil then switch off heat)
  2. Pour the chocolate half filling each mould, use a teaspoon to coat round the sides of the mould, place into the fridge and every 5 minutes coat again to build up the egg shape (within an hour the eggs will be ready)
Filling choices:
  1. Blitz dates in a blender until smooth (gives a caramel filling), add a pinch of sea salt and vanilla extract for extra flavour
  2. Soak cashew nuts for at least 2 hours and then blitz with a little vanilla extract, make cashew cream (you can take a tsp of the cream and add turmeric for the yellow part of the creme egg)
  3. Place frozen banana into a blender and blitz until smooth, use to fill the egg, optional a sprinkle of oreo’s or cacao nibs
  4. Just before filling, take the chocolate eggs from the mould and place onto a hot pan to only slightly melt the chocolate on both egg halves.
  5. Quickly fill and then press together – place into the freezer/fridge until ready to eat.
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