Positive psychology and culturing your own dairy free yoghurt

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Alas, the Hay House Summit has just finished (sad face)! Each year I love to listen to all of the inspirational authors and enjoy the feeling of my mindset shifting and expanding as I cram in as many audios and videos as I can. This year I was happy to observe so many authors in the field of nutrition and positive psychology, both my absolute passions and both of which have saved my life in so many ways! Discovering the world of personal growth has made all the difference to my life and happiness, if you have yet to discover authors and speakers such as Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson and so many others I do not have enough time to name, I urge you to watch them on youtube, listen on audible and buy their books too. I find that immersing myself with materials from these awakened people inspires me every day. Jim Rohn a motivational speaker says we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with and Napoleon Hill author of ‘Think and grow rich’ talks about the significant benefits of close association with successfully minded people who do not just accept the status quo, as well being wary of listening to well meaning negative speak. If you are unable to surround yourself with the inspiration you need in your work or elsewhere, finding this inspiration through podcasts, audible and books can support your positive psychology.

Shine your light

I believe that we all hold the power to impact someone else’s day and vice versa. But we have also heard the adage that ‘no one else can make you feel a certain way’, although this may hold some truth we know that being around negativity can certainly change our mood. How many of us have been around others in a low mood or have been that ourselves and impacted our immediate environment. Shawn Achor author of the ‘Happiness advantage’ (great book) talks about the problems with looking for happiness outside of yourself and learning to train your brain for happiness. He cites scientific research on a topic I have mentioned in my blog posts many times ‘Gratitude’, utilising this by noting 3 things you are thankful for each day and increasing your happiness. This and meditation has had a profound impact on my own positive mental health and is a strategy for calm and inner peace. Shawn’s wife Michelle Giellan also studies positive psychology and as a former journalist and broadcaster believes in avoiding negative news and focusing on taking action in a positive way. I like that she talks about every greeting being an opportunity for a favourably mind shifting moment. For example you may respond “fine thanks” to a general “how are you?” However, taking that as a chance to uplift the moment could change things for your day and another person’s, it could be that you respond by saying something like this: “really good, I had breakfast with my children this morning they are so funny, what about you, how are you doing?” Go out and shine your light is a saying I use often with my children. I love that we can all make the choice to give every day by smiling or providing words of encouragement in whatever we do or wherever we go. There are life challenges for us all and how we deal with them can greatly differ, but those daily grinds or anxieties about the opinions of others are another matter entirely, and having the strength and strategies to protect your energy and pull yourself out of a funk are essential to your happiness. Take back your power to be happy and take a solution focused approach to life, if there is something you can do about a tragedy do it, if not help in small ways by improving someone else day with kindness. Here are some links to videos if you would like to know more about this happiness couple.

Shawn Achor

Michelle Gielllan

Hormone balancing workshops

Last week I co-delivered a workshop on the topic of balancing hormones, of course, my part was focused on the nutrition and the second part was delivered by the amazing Tara of Bespoke Yoga in Darlington. As I studied for the workshop I was intrigued and by the time I had read 6 books and numerous scientific journals, overwhelmed by the many hormones (over 100) produced by the endocrine glands! Also, how essential it is for our health that hormones are well balanced and in working order. I focused mainly on busting myths, knowledge of the reproductive hormones oestrogen, progesterone and of course managing stress (cortisol). The feedback was wonderful and I always feel humbled that I can use my knowledge and passion for nutrition in such a positive way and provide practical ways to help women change their lives for the better. The three main areas to look after if you are experiencing symptoms linked to hormone imbalance are your liver, your gut health (of course) and blood sugar. Taking care of your body by consuming a range of veggies, lots of greens and good fats such as avocado, nuts and seeds, pulses and beans and taking an omega 3 supplement if you do not eat oily fish. It seems like a minefield but there are always simple things that you can do to support your health or get started. If it feels like a big shift just start small by making a snack swap, adding in some different veggies to each meal, reducing sugar intake. Aim to be better than you were yesterday, forget about everyone else’s journey and focus on you and your health. If you would like to know more about the workshops we offer go to Bespoke yoga on face book or contact me on my email below.

Liver cleansing tip
Today we are seeing increasing cases of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease as the over-consumption of processed foods, sugar and toxins place high amounts of stress on the liver. Reducing these and helping your liver by consuming cruciferous veggies such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and also getting plenty of bitter greens into your day can greatly improve your overall health. Dandelion and milk thistle tinctures have also been found to be helpful for the liver detoxing process.

Our body loves rhythm

Have you noticed when a child is sleeping well, is hydrated and nourished following a good routine how happy they are and well behaved. We all do so much better when we are in a flow or rhythm of good nutrition, sufficient sleep and we are well hydrated. Try and listen to your body, are you looking after your health? What can you do to improve your rhythm? Sleep, drink water, eat more veggies, reduce sugar?

Coconut yoghurt

1 tin of Thai coconut milk

1 or 2 high strength probiotics

1 tbsp or tapioca starch/flour or half a tsp of agar agar

I have been making coconut yoghurt for a few years and I actually stopped for a while because I was not enjoying the taste. I realised I was leaving it too long and this affects how sour the yoghurt is. I have started up again and do not leave it out for more than 12 hours before I place it in the fridge and I find the taste and consistency much better. You could add a natural sweetener like stevia if you prefer, but I like to add the yoghurt to berries or a smoothie to boost probiotics for my digestive tract and so do not include additional sweetness. There are a few different thickeners you can use agar agar is derived from seaweed and may need slightly longer in the pan to thicken, arrowroot can be used but tapioca is usually the easiest to buy and although it can become a little lumpy it just needs to be mixed well.

  • Place the coconut milk in a pan and warm, do not bring to the simmer or boil (no bubbles)
  • Place the tapioca/your choice of thickener into a little cup with a tablespoon or two of the coconut milk, mixing into a paste
  • Add the thickening paste very gradually to the pan and mix well – stir until there are no lumps
    turn off the heat and let the milk cool for 10 minutes (should be warm to the touch) before adding the probiotic (remove from capsules)
  • Place the yoghurt into a glass jar with a lid and keep at room temperature or slightly warmer for 10-12 hours before placing into the fridge.

Which probiotics should I buy?

Choose a probiotic with at least 5 billion live bacteria, and includes the two most important groups of probiotic bacteria: Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. I tend to buy Probotix daily 5 live from Nutri advanced or from Cytoplan a whole food state supplement company (see the links below).

Order Nutrients


For more information on choosing probiotics and the different strains:

As always I hope you have found value here, please comment and if you have any questions please email me.

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