Nutrition and lifestyle coaching summer offer!

Hello, beautiful!

It is well into June and I hope you are feeling good! This really is my favourite time of the year, the sun is shining and the promise of the summer break is lingering – whoop!

You regular readers know that I teach food and nutrition and coordinate health campaigns aimed at adolescents and that I am also extremely passionate about preventing and healing through helping others lead a healthy lifestyle and cultivate a strong mindset. I have learned through my own journey and coaching other beautiful souls that it is never just about the food. I am always in awe of the power of our minds and aim every day to find some way to contribute albeit in a small way to helping someone else live a little closer to their potential and realise their own self-worth.

And so I see my life’s purpose to create positive energy, and if this is what you need I want to help. I am a nutrition and lifestyle coach and I am humbled to be able to say that I receive daily feedback to confirm my purpose. I can honestly say I have put it out there to the ‘universe’ that this is what I want and also to live a life of love, and this is what boomerangs back to me. This is not an overconfident statement, this is what is true for you too.

By the time we are 35 years old we are merely a collection of stories, habits, attitudes, and beliefs that we have taken on over the years and we now think of as the truth of our identity. I want to challenge this, you are not these stories and the reason change can be so hard is that you want to desperately hold on to the comfort of this identity no matter how negative, it is scary to let go. Believe me, I have been through painful times and am still daily work on changing some of those stories and beliefs. However, I can tell you that making changes, letting go, forgiving and reaching out of these beliefs and perceptions is really where the magic happens. I hope you will forgive the cliche, but to start living you need to become aware of any blocks to your happiness.

How can you become aware of these beliefs? Begin to listen, get quiet and notice what your mind chatter is. You may hear things like “You can’t do that”, “You are not good enough”, “people are going to say or think ……. about you” “You are fat and you always will be” etc. Write these statements down and start to write about how untrue they are. Discover the truth about you, the love that you are and the reason you are here. It certainly isn’t to be unkind, to be unhappy or to live a mediocre life.

Nutrition and lifestyle Skype passionate consultation offer for Summer!

This is why I am offering 15 minutes initial consultation free this Summer (July 1st to August 20th, 2017) I will ask you some questions and provide you with at least one practical tip to go away and action whilst we speak.

My fees are £50 per hour for those who would like to work with me for a longer and more productive amount of time.

Weight loss or lifestyle transformation tools

I have finally written the strategies and technique I used to get out of the vicious cycle of crash dieting, unhealthy habits and self-loathing and you can purchase ‘The small things count’ on the main page (right-hand side) of my site for £6.99. It is an easy and quick book that I advise you to print out and make notes on to get the full impact of the tools. It is a book to encourage self-awareness and will work if you are willing to embrace everything within.

Nutrition and Yoga for hormone balance workshops

The amazing Tara from Bespoke Yoga and I have now delivered a second successful workshop to support women ready to take back their power and health to balance their hormones naturally. We have been extremely excited and overawed at the positive feedback and have been asked to deliver a third. We have been unable to book a time as yet, however, if you are in the Darlington area and are interested please contact me on Alternatively, you may be struggling and would prefer personalised coaching and so take advantage of the summer Skype passionate consultation offer above.
As always please contact me if you would like to work with me, have me come and speak at an event, deliver a workshop or just have a question.

Much love and light,


Kelly Rose RNutr, PGCE, BSc (Hons)
Instagram and FB: passion8nutrition

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