Nourish your teen, mind, body and soul book release!

What a feeling! The release of my first published book!

The nagging to write a book has been there for so long since I was a little girl. But, for many years I thought I wasn’t clever enough, good enough, you know how it goes. If this is you and you have always wanted to write a book and get a message out there, just do it.

By the time my first daughter was born I was already unfolding on my journey to self-discovery. I had started to enjoy life and appreciate the small things, I had lost the weight that I was hiding behind and had started to feel beautiful for the first time.

My family and friends wondered at me as I consumed book after book, buying them and taking my daughters to the library taking out every self-esteem and happy child book I could get my hands on, voraciously reading and taking notes. I wanted to do things right! Haha, as any parent knows this is a crazy notion, each child is a precious gift, all different, and we are here to guide them never able to be the perfect parent.

This really is the premise of my first book, Nourish your teen’s mind, body, and soul. Whether you are a parent, a guardian, Aunty, Uncle, godparent or a teenager your self. To be the ‘best you can be’ takes an acceptance of embracing your imperfections.

Everything I have learned from my own children, the young people I teach as well as a myriad of research on mental health, the teenage brain and nutrition is contained in the book. My hope is that you can consult the book at many stages of your child’s development into adulthood for advice and tips, and also remind yourself that you are doing a wonderful job already. Writing this book is part of answering my drive to help others avoid the darkness of my own teenage years.

Why write the book?

3 children in every classroom have a mental health problem. The statistics are staggering and when you consider the majority of mental health problems are established by the age of 14 years, there is certainly work to be done. In schools, it is suggested that out of an average classroom of 30 15-year-old pupils, 3 could have a mental disorder, 7 are likely to have been bullied, 6 may be self-harming and at least 10 would have been through a traumatic event such as a parental breakup or the death of a loved one.  I have witnessed all of the above and  ‘Nourishing’ our teens with healthy foods and a toolbox of healthy strategies are keys to supporting positive mental health. The book explains the teenage brain pruning process, which is a major contributor to misreading facial signals and poor decision making and I have to say for me explained a lot!

In nourish your teens I have packed in a summary of so much of the research I have collated from books, journals, seminars, publications from experts, mental health conferences, real-life experiences in my years of parenting and teaching in the hope that is is easier for you to digest and implement. As a registered nutritionist and an avid researcher and expert on food and brain connection, there are sections in the book which discuss not only the importance of food for your adolescent’s behaviour and mental health but also which nutrients and foods you can include and how. With a purchase of the book comes a free recipe book download with colourful recipe images.

My children and those I teach have taught me so much, and so I dedicate this book to them all.

Please share this post with anyone you feel will benefit from Nourish your teens, mind, body, and soul.

With love and health,
Kelly x