Nourish your passion

I am often told that I am passionate and to those who find me really not their cup of tea, the word will probably change to intense (sticking with the polite version). Even, with my understanding and knowledge that what a person sees in you is what they see in themselves and a person will only be able to meet you where they are in their own lives, I can not help but feel slightly bruised when someone states I am being too sensitive, too intense or just too extreme.

“I am not who you think I am, you are what you think I am”

I wonder dear reader if you have felt misjudged or told you are too something? In my experience that ‘too’ something can be turned to a positive slant. It is true that I am passionate and intense on occasion because I feel lucky enough to have found somethings that enthuse me and with this a drive to share and help others. When I was young I had low self esteem and hormone imbalances most probably caused by nutrient deficiencies and an erratic high sugar diet, not to mention poor gut health. I think had I been a teen in this present time I may have even been diagnosed with depression and given medication to zombify me into a not feeling state.

Nutrition saved me!

At the risk of sounding dramatic I know that ‘Nutrition was my saviour’, now I am in my forties and a committed student of growth and a role model to teens I have more of an understanding that nourishing through food was a catalyst and foundation to self care. There are many elements to a healthy lifestyle and a positive mental health, encompassing much of the following; community, attitude, giving, empathy, growth, being active, laughing, joy and sleep.

Therefore, if you are being told you are too much of something, embrace it and align it with your values. Do not be discouraged if you are not someones’s cup of tea, they may not be ready for you or your ideas. Be you, stand tall, seek truth and grow. Trust all will be well.

“You deserve extraordinary success just as much as anyone” Brendan Burchard

Exciting book news!

I am so grateful that my role in school, my writing and studies bring daily opportunities to share my passions. Many high performers say that having a mission, purpose or a why that keeps you on track. Whilst, I feel my ultimate aim is to create positive energy in the world (or at least my little part of the world), I have a strong motivation to help teens, in particular girls to feel empowered and worthy. Hence, the release of my first published book! ‘Nourish your teens, mind, body and soul. The book is very close to print date and comes with a free teen plant based recipe download, you will be able to purchase from amazon very soon. I will link it here on my site and will be sharing details of an exciting and interactive fun book launch event too. Here are just some of the reviews from the book so far:

Kelly’s honesty and authenticity shines through in this book. Full of gems of wisdom and practical help and advice to help parents navigate the often demanding task of raising children. It’s a book I will treasure and refer to often. Conscious parenting takes real commitment, unbelievable patience and unconditional love and Kelly’s knowledge and expertise in nourishing our growing children in their mind, body and soul is amazing. I highly recommend this book”

Sarah Seed – Self discovery coach for women

Wonderful, should be in every house and school across the country!”

NBS assist

“After having read this book twice, I firmly believe that it should be an integral part of every families’ household.  Although aimed at parents of teenager’s it is equally invaluable to anyone wanting to take care of their mind, body and soul.  It contains nuggets of wisdom that will provide lots of “ah ah” moments for parents, as well as making the whole journey a lot more understandable and ultimately, easier”

Nicola Burt-Skinner – Life & Business Coach, The Wellness academy

“This book is what the world and every parent needs, practical tips and advice to nurture every aspect of a growing teen.
I feel much more knowledgable after reading each chapter intensely and its one of those books that you can re-visit any given chapter time after time.
Being a parent of two teenagers who are completely different comes with challenges, however I feel confident knowing I’m in possession of this book, its like a sat nav smoothly guiding me from one destination to the next.
The nutritional advice is mind-blowing and I’ve slowly introduced changes to their diets and mine with amazing results. I think the manner in which Kelly writes has a good mix of functional advice and loving advice. I can’t wait for future books”

Tara Sellars Bespoke Yoga

“Hooked from the beginning. An absolute must read for all parents of upcoming teens. I would not like to be heading into this stage of parenthood without having read this book, 5 stars! I no longer see adolescence as a challenge, but feel equipped and ready to embrace the next step in my daughter’s life”

Dr. Laura Brown – Eat2live training academy
Teesside University professor of nutritional sciences

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