Is being the optimist always best?

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My blog posts have been fewer than I would like and my apologies for that, but I would love to share with you what I have been up to.

Do you feel scared sometimes?

I have moments where I feel so scared that I have taken on too much, and can I really do this, am I good enough or even who do I think I am! But then I think of the many mentors and teachers that I have allowed into my life Marianne Williamson, Margaret Gray, Alison Lloyd, Laura Brown, Wayne Dyer, Rich Roll, of course my parents and brother, definitely my children and husband and so many more. Every single challenge is a lesson, it is just how we choose to view it. I have been listening to one of my favourite researchers this week on audible (see the link on my home page to sign up for a free first book), Brene Brown. Gosh she is amazing! I have listened to her books on audible and they are brilliant, even more so because she is reading them. Brene has made it her life’s work to take risks and see the best in others. We can feel the imposter, but what is the alternative, we learn something and we sit and keep it to ourselves? I would much rather share what I am learning at the risk of people thinking I am weird. crazy, too much, different etc. After all, isn’t it better to leave this world feeling you have tried to make a difference than never having dared to rock the boat.

Is being optimistic always the best policy?

I think of myself as pretty good with change, I am resilient and I know I inspire transformation from experience, but leaving my teaching career to research for my PhD has brought a few more challenges than I thought it would. Expectations can bite you in the bum, and so much better to have none, but as a bit of a blue sky optimist, I have to be careful. I forget where I heard this exactly, although I remember thinking yes I need to be aware that this could be a weakness for me. Forgive me if this is slightly off the mark from the original story, but the idea was that in a group of prisoners of war it was the optimists who died first, why? Because they had a release date to focus on and when that came and went they had another and it became too disheartening, and so releasing the expectation, and still having trust all will work out in the end is the key. Tim Ferris often talks about negative visualisation, and in a PhD workshop recently Professor Peter Hopkins, an extremely successful researcher in the field of Human Geography, shared his strategy of having a plan B. He submits his paper to the top journal and his applications for the top grants, and if he is rejected he has another journal he will submit too, never expecting that he will be successful first or even second time. This protects the ego and the ability to keep submitting and taking risks. If we hold the fear of rejection and do not try we risk never shining where we have the ability to make a difference. The moral of the story, don’t have your hopes to high but always put yourself out there and strive for the best.

My PhD is going well, and I am learning so much to take me to helping make real change in the field of school food. I will share more soon, but in the mean time I wanted to share with you the success of a programme that Dr Laura Brown and I put together before the Summer and have been able to enjoy delivering.

The Nourish you programme

Having lost nearly 4 stone in my twenties and researching habits, It has always been in the back of my mind to have a weight loss programme that actually focuses on feeling good, not restriction or ‘crash dieting’. The experience of supporting people in nutritional therapy and my own journey has taught me a lot, it really is so much more about what you think. Our minds are doing a great job of protecting us, that is if we were still having to survive and find enough food to get through the day. The fact is there are still lots of people in hunger and poverty who have the real worries of having enough energy to get through, where the talk of obesity statistics is a world away, and where they have to eat what is available to them. But many of us weight watching and calorie counting are working against our survival instincts and alternating between binging and starving ourselves, confused about the latest diet fads and desperate for this next thing to be it. It really is about doing the inner work and breaking the cycle, focusing on building your self-awareness is one of the key things we have introduced into the ‘Nourish you programme’. Knowing your triggers, having strategies and understanding why you eat and creating positive associations with amazing food.

So we started more than 6 weeks ago with a group of 7 ladies and I have to say I have been blown away by the enthusiasm, the enjoyment of food and even more so by the results in a very short space of time. As we have collated data and will continue to do so continuing onto the next phase and a new cohort next week, we measured cholesterol and other health markers. Wow! Every one of the ladies has reduced their LDL cholesterol (the ‘bad’ cholesterol) significantly and even though we are aware of the science Dr Laura and I had not expected this sizeable change in relatively healthy participants in this short space of time. In six weeks, this weight loss programme with a difference has provided an amazing group of people with successful weight loss, new lifetime habits, a change in how they think about dieting and exercise, linking their food with their valuable health.

The participants of this first course ‘Reset plus’ have reported clearer and glowing skin, so much more energy and motivation, reduced lethargy and learned skills in food swaps, reading food labels, portioning, not to mention behaviour changes they will keep for life. All of this with every single person achieving significant weight and inch loss and improved digestive health which is associated with a reduced risk of cancer, heart disease and immune disorders.

Breakfast recipe!
Cherry chocolate porridge

  • 2 tbsp oats
  • a handful of frozen cherries
  • tsp of cacoa powder
  • pinch of sea salt/pink salt

Optional: quarter of a banana, and a little oat milk or coconut yoghurt to top, unsweetened coconut to top

Place oats in a pan, add water (approximately 300ml), add more if gets too thick too quick
Heat until your desired consistency and add all of the ingredients, saving some cherries for the top. Cook through for a few minutes, mixing well and then serve with toppings. So easy and so quick x

Dessert recipe

Blueberry sorbet

  • a handful of frozen blueberries
  • 150 ml of alpro yoghurt with coconut (or plain)

Blitz in a blender and enjoy x

Nourish you weight loss and healing programme

‘Nourish you’ is different to other weight loss programmes because it is an approach which focuses on so much more than weight. It has been developed from a large evidence-based with an understanding of how large populations of healthy people with a low amount of disease live. ‘Nourish you’ is a whole approach to helping you to develop habits for life so that you can maintain a healthy weight and prevent food-related illness and disease.

Suggested benefits of a ‘Nourish you’ way of living:
Healthy weight loss
Reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes type 2, certain types of cancer
Faster recovery from exercise
Healthy skin and hair
Supportive in balancing hormones, decrease in body fat and reversing cell ageing

Three M’s are a focus of the programme, these are Mindset, Movement
and Mindful eating.

Participant quotes:

“I’ve never thought I could cope so well with a diet (lifestyle change) I’m so happy I have met you all and thanks for the encouragement to all of you.”

“All I can say to someone who wants to lose weight and feel great is just do it, don’t think about it just give it a go”

“I can’t believe how easy Kelly and Laura have made this for us with so much education and support. I haven’t missed meat, I can’t say I won’t eat it again but I’ll definitely we keeping a lot of my new habits.”

“We all got weighed after the 21 day reset and lost over 3 and half stone between the 7 of us doing it. Which is more than half a stone each, along with the motivation from the instructors at @physiquehealthclub_ every single one of us said, we are feeling so much, healthy and fitter already. I have never eaten so much tasty and colourful food before thanks to my new education in food. I want to thank Kelly and Laura for sharing their wealth of knowledge and clearing up our worries about doing this.”

If you are in Darlington or surrounding areas and would like to participate, give Physique fitness health club a call or find them on face book, and book in a free personal training session. It doesn’t matter your fitness level or age, they can help you. Then get booked into the ‘Nourish you programme’


6 Banks House, Banks Road, DL1 1YB Darlington, Co Durham

Love and health everyone,

Kelly x

The ‘Nourish you’ programme has been developed by Kelly Rose and Dr Laura Brown, both registered nutritionists (Association for Nutrition UK). 7 ladies participated in the 6 week programme ‘The Reset plus’ is 21 days and involves the removal of food and drink which has an inflammatory effect on our body, after this time they can be introduced back in. We have found that the group have enjoyed the way they eat so much that most have chosen to keep certain foods out of their eating pattern, even though they don’t have to.