How do you ‘choose’ to start your day?

What if every single situation you found yourself in was an opportunity? Think about this for a moment. How would this change your day? After all, how can the externals that you have no control over, such as the weather have any bearing on your inner happiness?

On a cold, dark winters morning, do you hesitate whilst swearing to yourself as you reach blindly for the snooze button. Resisting the persistent sound of the ‘alarm’, just desperate to stay in slumber. As you finally leave the depths of the warm covers you stub your toe feeling as though this is an omen, you splash water on your face, whilst miserably watching the news or reading a paper. Following through with complaint after unconscious complaint about feeling tired or the drab cold day, rushing out the door and wishing you were elsewhere, wishing it was next month when you have a holiday booked – and then life passes by…

Or do you awake on a dark cold morning with feelings of appreciation for the day, the possibility? Giving yourself plenty of time to have a simple morning ritual finding time for you, enjoying a lemon and water, a nutritious breakfast. Then, if you have children waking them up with a positive interaction. Did you know that their first greeting or conversation can make a significant difference to your child’s mood for the whole day? Think about this if you allow them to sleep last minute and are shouting at them frustrated that they are not getting ready quick enough. I assure you, I have been guilty of this in the past too!

The latter description may sound a bit too ‘pollyanna’, unrealistic to you, after all, we are living in a ‘horrible’ world. The author ‘Eckhart Tolle’, amongst many other enlightened beings, teaches that everything is an illusion, our own reality is only our perception.

I believe that your view of the world, shapes your worldview, therefore, your personal opinions on all situations. The information you consume e.g. news, films, games and books, the people you communicate with on a daily basis, will have a bearing on your thinking status.

I want to feel happy, energised and grateful and I am declaring it to the world! These are daily focuses that I work on, consistent practices. I am emboldened as I meet others who feel the same, when I read books which encourage and help with tools and strategies, driving me on to feel good and to be able to share what works with friends, relatives and you. I am shedding the fear of being judged – as I through the years have heard the accusing remarks, “you’re too positive”, “you live in your own cloud”, “wait until you get older, life just isn’t so rosy”, “you smile and laugh too much”. As I write those words I am laughing at how ridiculous they are, the scathing tones made me shrink and hide. So in the words of Diana Ross inspired by Rebecca Campbell (author of ‘light is the new black’) I’m coming out! I want the world to know I want to feel good and be happy and I can and so you can you. It is a choice and you will have baggage, forgiveness and grief to work through, but you can do it. It is okay to have bad days, of course, we all have them, it is what you choose to do most of the time that count.
A practice of gratitude can really help you to shake off the air of infectious negativity. You can be grateful for a delicious sleep, a warm comfortable bed, you are alive! You may be grateful for the gift of your health, or your legs for allowing you to move, dance, run, walk etc. It may be that all you have to be grateful for is your freedom, to move, to speak, to read, to listen and on we go. It is amazing when you give yourself the job of noting at least 3 things a day you appreciate and then building on the number as time goes by, your mood becomes uplifted. It is a powerful and simple tool. Introduce your children to this early on, there are even gratitude colouring books you can buy – what a fab easter present!
I heard a story a while ago and unable to locate the origin, I will do my best to recount it in the hope it may affect you as it did me. A man was a prisoner of war locked in a room without windows or any source of light for more than 50 days. He would run on the spot, place a cloth in his mouth so that he could scream without anyone having the satisfaction of thinking he was losing his wits. Starved of light, he began to crawl around the stone floor searching for the tiniest bit of sunlight and he found it! The tiniest sliver, and as he focused really hard he thought he could see a single blade of grass. This was the light that kept him going until he was free. What is your blade of grass? Write about things that light you up every day, buy yourself flowers, go for a walk, have your nails done, just do something that allows you to focus on that little bit of light.

Much love and health to you,

Kelly x

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