Hormone balancing and Nutrition workshop November 3rd November 2017

Do you wish to learn how to naturally balance your hormones through Yoga & Nutrition?

We are led to believe that fatigue, mood swings, low libido and hot flushes (to name just a few symptoms) are just part of the female life cycle. But we need to take back our feminine power!

In the first part of this workshop you will find out which foods to eat and which to avoid, foundational habits and ways to thrive just by balancing hormones. For example, testosterone naturally boosted in your body is a secret weapon for anti ageing, vitality and weight loss.This will be lead by Kelly #PassionAteNutrition.

In the second half you will be lead through selected postures to bring balance to the mind & body. There will be a focus on breathe work too giving you practical tools on how to support your nervous system.

You will leave this workshop with hand outs to support the teachings and gain more of a holistic approach to dealing with hormones.
Places are limited, to book your place message or call Tara Sellars 07974 677693.
Cost is £25 to be paid prior to workshop. No yoga experience required.

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