Healthy habits for a new you!

It is only in the past few years that I have started to think about my habits and actually become quite fascinated with forming good habits and breaking unhealthy/self sabotaging habits. Through analysis of my own habits and research I have found these are crucial to enjoying a healthy lifestyle or not as the case maybe.

We generally default to the habits we form in early years, those that we observe everyday in childhood. We then beat ourselves up for not being able to break unhealthy habits that we have been following for 20 or more years! As a species we can be extremely tough on ourselves and if we are not able to stick to a diet or exercise plan, then outwardly we may make an excuse but inwardly feel useless, and label ourselves as undisciplined, weak, lazy and so the list goes on. Forgive me for the generalisation that was maybe just me.

After years of trial and error and self punishment (I am not even joking!) I have come to realise that making the smallest of changes gradually is the best approach to breaking a bad habit or forming a new healthy habit or doing both. As a society we want everything to be quick and happen now, one of the main reasons diets did not work for me was that I wanted to lose lots of weight by next week, and if it did not happen then I gave up. Does this sound familiar?

It is the small things you do every day on a consistent basis that will make the big differences. You have the choice to eat the extra chocolate biscuit every day for 1 year gaining 6 pound in weight, or you have the choice to reduce your daily intake by 60 calories (same amount as the biscuit) in a year and lose the 6 pound. This is just a small example and of course this can be magnified. Think about this and examine your day, you do not have to starve yourself to attain your goals, but if you are willing to make one small change each day in 30 days you will notice a difference.

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