Go nuts with milk!

I really am hooked on making nut or seed milk. It is so much easier than you may think and if I can do it anyone can!

When I mention making my own nut milk, friends think I’m more than a bit nuts (forgive the pun – couldn’t resist) due to my already busy lifestyle. However, I assure you it is so easy and worth it.

In making your own milk, you can be assured there are no additives and or preservatives to worry about. For example, concerns have been raised about the stabiliser carrageenan, present in almond milk. There is much controversy here, as although links have been made to cancer, intestinal and cell damage, there is very little evidence that carrageenan presents a problem for human consumption in everyday general quantities – http://chriskresser.com/harmful-or-harmless-carrageenan/.

What are you waiting for soak your nuts!

100g almonds
10g hemp seeds
3 dates
1 tsp vanilla bean extract/ vanilla bean
pinch of pink Himalayan salt
500ml water


2 tbsp of cacao or cocoa powder for chocolate milk
1 tsp of cinnamon
1 tbsp turmeric
swap hemp and almonds for soaked walnuts and blend with a grated small apple
use hulled hemp seeds and you will not have to drain – easiest milk ever
swap with cashews and see below for a previous post on cashew milk and cheese…

  • to add sweetness add a tbsp of stevia or erythritol


1. Soak nuts in water for 8 to 24 hours (best to place into a container and cover with water then leave overnight).
2. Drain the water then add all of the ingredients in the blender and blitz for up to a minute.

3. Place the nuts join your nut bag/piece of muslin/fine sieve and drain into a container/jug.

nut milk 1
Tip: Use the leftover pulp to add to porridge, yoghurt, smoothies, berries or to make clean brownies/cookies (freeze if you are not ready to use straight away).
Buy a nut milk bag:
Check out my previous post on how to make cashew milk and cheese:

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