Embrace your imperfections

It seems that women strive for the need to find elusive perfectionism mostly in the subconscious sense, much more than men do. I wonder why this is?

As I notice a need for perfection in women close to me I can recognise it in my own character. I see this as a major flaw, a crippling denominator that will stop us time and time again from reaching our goals or finishing something that could be great.

The author Elizabeth Gilbert, describes perfectionism as fear dressed up in high heals (The big magic). A stylish conniving trait waiting to steal our dreams or ambitions. I am inclined to agree when I think of the times I have scrapped a written piece or through the years worried about my appearance.

Do what you love to do, after all how many people are actually taking any notice?

I often think of that familiar saying that describes how we worry what people are thinking of us for so many years, only to find in our fifties that no one was actually watching anyway. So what if we embrace this earlier?

Always searching for the perfect may well result in the never done. Therefore, I am making pact to myself, to get things done and embrace my imperfections, after all they are part of me and who I am right now.

lots of love and health,

Kelly x

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