Rheumatoid Arthritis Plan

The two most common forms or arthritis are rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, however for the purpose of this plan we will be focusing on rheumatoid (RA). This type of arthritis is defined by inflamed cells in the joints and adjoining tissue which release toxic molecules causing irritation, swelling, progressing to damage of cartilage and severe pain.

If you have chosen this plan you have most likely been diagnosed with RA from your doctor. RA affects people differently and is usually more severe in men. This disease is much more common in middle to older age groups, however I am coming across more younger people suffering with RA. This has led me to study RA more closely and note that there is so much evidence that the antioxidant defence system is impaired, furthermore inflammation plays a huge role in the progression of the disease.  It is true there is not sufficient published evidence to prove the efficacy of antioxidant supplementation, however there are many small animal and human studies, in addition to anecdotal showing a significant benefit in a dramatic improvement in diet and supplementation to RA progression and overall symptoms.

This is your journey so you can choose how slowly or quickly you introduce the changes. You will improve your life, increase energy and reduce pain by implementing new habits, however you must also understand that for many this requires making changes that are simple but not always easy. Remember you have developed habits over your lifetime, throughout childhood and beyond that without forward planning will be easy to slip back into. You also have to be prepared for other people’s well meaning opinions on what you should or shouldn’t eat. Follow the plan then listen to your body. We are all unique, and you have some work to do in repairing your gut micro biome and your inflamed cells, so lets get to it!