Dairy Free Food Plan

You may choose this plan if you have been tested and/or it has been suggested that you have a casein or lactose allergy/intolerance (or you may have self diagnosed).

One issue is that the dairy of today contains hormones, antibiotics and is highly processed.

To bust a major myth, there is very little or some would argue no evidence that milk strengthens bones and in fact there are a high percentage of people who have dairy sensitivities.

The truth is our bodies are not supposed to metabolise lactose after infancy yet we are led to believe we should have 2-3 portions of animal dairy products each day!

Dairy sensitivity can display itself in many ways and lots of these symptoms take place over time, these include but are not exclusive to constipation, bloating, IBS symptoms, headaches/migraines, a rash or regular skin breakouts sinus infections, chronic hay fever symptoms and arthritis or joint inflammation.

This plan is also gluten free as many people with coeliac disease or intolerant to gluten are generally sensitive to casein (protein found in milk). This is because casein is molecularly very similar to gluten (protein in wheat).

This plan is also a perfect lead-in to healing your gut flora, if you have a lowered immunity. A lowered immunity or poor gut health can manifest itself into frequent colds, infections and eventually damaged cells resulting in autoimmune disease or cancer.