Clean Eating Plan

This plan is for you if you want to make life changes that will help you lose weight, increase energy levels as well as decrease minor infections and risk of cancer and autoimmune diseases. This plan has been produced from scientific evidence allowing you to gradually introduce foods and develop healthy habits for life! You will find success tips, a flexible plan and shopping lists to keep you focused on your health. You deserve to feel amazing!

This plan is also a perfect lead in to healing your gut flora if you have a lowered immunity. A lowered immunity or poor gut health can manifest itself into frequent colds, infections and eventually damaged cells resulting in autoimmune disease or cancer.

If you are using this plan as an elimination plan, then follow for at least 21 days before reintroducing one product at a time, allowing a further 7 days to check for symptoms. Then introducing a new food. However, you may also find that the increase in energy, skin improvements and the weight loss is too great to revert back to consuming these particular foods.

You can be assured that all of my food plans are written from scientific evidence, and have been proven to improve health, skin, energy levels. The plans are nutrient dense to ensure you are able to achieve a nutrient rich state of being. As a registered nutritionist I make it a daily routine to read and keep up to date with nutritional knowledge. Even I never fail to be shocked by the amount of conflicting advice from experts in the field. Be rest assured I have grappled with as much of this information as possible so you don’t have to.

However, do be prepared for the opinions of others, everyone has a different way of eating that they think you ‘should try’.

Be focused and we will help you work out your way!