Do not hide in the shadows, dance in the sun

Hello beautiful souls!

It feels a while since I wrote my last blog, and so I thought it time to communicate with you gorgeous health seekers.

I have been off school this week for half term, and its the perfect time to catch up on life. It really feels like more than a week because so many great things have happened. I will let you all know about my latest venture very soon. I do feel that everything is dropping into place after a year of pretty much confusion and chaos! ‘Calm always follows a storm’ so they say and I really feel 2018 has started so well and it is going to be a fantastic year. I really hope the same for you.

Isn’t it funny how you don’t always notice daily the changes that you go through as a person, it is in a moment that you think, ‘wow, I dealt with that so much better than a few years ago’ or ‘I wouldn’t have even contemplated that a few years ago’. This is why reflecting and making notes about your life, feelings, and dreams are a good way to keep moving forward.

Anyway, what made me think about this was this mornings breakfast. I know – pretty random! But stay with me. I had decided I would make vegan matcha pancakes and looked at a bundle of recipes yesterday, then just did what I always do, chucked it all together. However, the pancakes were a fail, so I put them into muffin tins, then the muffins were an even bigger fail, and so I turned them into the bowl and made matcha porridge! I was so excited about the unintentional dish because I had included so many nourishing ingredients that we (the family) could benefit from, not to mention glowing skin and antioxidants to support brain, heart, and longevity. Plus I love porridge.

I reflected, later, on how many times in the past I would have been disappointed at the failure? How I didn’t think about it being a failure once until afterward. Even better how my views on there not even being real failures/mistakes have solidified. I once saw everything I did as a failure, and now I see only success.

How do you think about failing? Is it time to change the mindset, or maybe you just need a few tweaks. This week I have had the opportunity for a few hours of quiet time here and there, one of which was a train journey. Here I read ‘The strangest secret’ by Earl Nightingale and ‘As a man thinketh’. The Earl Nightingale book is only around 30 pages, and packed full of amazingness!!! Yes, I am even comfortable making up my own words…

The truth is you are so powerful, you can make things happen if you believe you can. If you don’t believe it yet, read these books, plus another of my favourites,  ‘Think and grow rich’ Napoleon Hill. It is only your belief that ever holds you back. Also, what I have learned is it is consistent practice, you can not read a book and then do nothing, working on your mindset is a daily practice.

What you do daily, impacts on your mindset, your body shape, your health and your performance. What you do occasionally is not as important. Love yourself, do not hide in the shadows, dance in the sun.

So much love and health,
Kelly x

If you are intrigued by the recipe here you go, a little bonus:

Matcha porridge:

Ingredients to make 4 portions

50g ground almonds
1 tbsp matcha tea
1 tbsp flaxseed/linseed
1 tsp chia seeds
1 tbsp oats

*Blitz all of the above in a blender

*Then add as much almond/coconut milk as required for your desired consistency plus a pinch of Himalayan salt, tsp vanilla bean extract and half a mashed banana

*Cook in a pan for a few minutes until warmed through, then bling it up!

Optional blingers include:
Cacao nibs, tahini, nut butter, cooked apple and frozen raspberries (as you see in the pan – cooked in just a little water), a little date syrup if you need extra sweetness, banana, coconut flakes, other fruits of your choice etc.