Dessert for breakfast? oooh yes please…

This week I made a dessert after dinner and it was so good I made it again for breakfast the following day! It has become my new obsession. My all time favourite puds are my avocado, banana and cacao combinations and so it is probably no surprise that these three have starring roles in this combination yet again! See the recipe below.

Think about it, when something looks, tastes delicious and has the most smooth mouth feel and is also dairy, gluten free, nutrient dense, good for the brain, contributes to amazing skin, improves mood and gut health, even boosting the immunity! It really sounds to good to be true, exactly why I love it.

I often get asked, but what do you eat if you are plant based? Wow, I reply if you only knew all of the amazing foods I consume you wouldn’t really want to eat any other way. They always look disbelieving and sometimes laugh and that is absolutely okay – don’t knock it until you have tried it lol! It is all good, I just want to spread the love and improve health outcomes for everyone, and my other new obsession includes my plan to start a community plant based tribe. I will share more soon, but if anyone is able to sponsor or knows anyone who would like to contribute please let me know, I want to provide monthly sessions free of charge to anyone who wishes to come along and cook amazing veggies from scratch and to learn and grow spiritually.

Shine your light Podcast news!

My fabulous friend Nic and I had so much fun yet again recording for our fortnightly podcast, we talked about contributing, being on fire, law of attraction, experiencing darkness and so much more as we interviewed life coach and Dietitian Paula Hynd this week. We both love talking and just want to help as many people as possible, and so recording our podcast feels so right. We do not have the sophisticated sound equipment but we hope that all of our strategies and tips and the continued personal growth we both do will help others shine their light. Find us on iTunes and please subscribe or go to

If you like what you hear please spread the word #PUREnation and join our revolution PURE: P is for positive, passionate and powerful, U is for unlimited (You so are!), R is for releasing negativity and fear, E is for embracing enlightenment.

Nasty bugs!

I just wanted to mention the issue of tummy bugs, as there has been so much illness in my school, friends and family. It raises the importance of having a healthy micro biome as having healthy bacterial communities boosts your immunity. The research is still in the early days of how effective a probiotic supplement actually is, and certainly if you are consuming an unhealthy amount of processed foods inclusive of refined sugars and have more unfriendly bacteria, the beneficial bacteria would soon be destroyed, therefore there is little point in taking it. However, consuming lots of veggies, pre and probiotic foods e.g. sauerkraut, bananas, onions, garlic etc. then boosting the good bacteria with a good probiotic supplement could make the world of difference to your immunity. We are more bacteria than human cells and so reducing the amount of toxins we apply on the body and consume supports the commensal healthy bacterial communities all over our body. Look after your bacteria and you will more than reap the rewards, If you would like to know more please check the link at the end of this post, as I have written about how we look after our gut garden, destroying the weeds and supporting the growth of the flowers aka good bacteria in previous articles.

Chocolate cream – good enough to eat anytime of day!

  • 1 banana (frozen or not)
  • quarter of a ripe avocado
  • 1 tbsp cacao powder
  • a small handful of walnuts
  • a generous pinch of Himalayan salt
  • a dash of vanilla bean extract
  • a little coconut water to blend

optional: a tsp sunflower seeds, pinch of ceylon cinnamon and or maca powder or ginseng

*Blitz all the ingredients together and enjoy pure bliss!
Have a fabulous week everyone and as always if you have any questions or comments please either comment below or contact me through instagram, twitter, face book or email.

lots of love and health,

Kelly xxx

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