Awakened to what is on my plate…

You may know that I follow a whole food plant-based life for the most part and try my best to live planet healthy. This comes from a self-interest to be as healthy as possible, feel great and live a long happy life, but also to cause no other ‘being’ harm.

I always feel I should be careful as I talk about my choice to be vegan, and this should not be the case, but I do not want anyone to feel I am judging them.

Of course, societal norms have led us to a place that we believe it is okay to kill another ‘living being’ for us to eat. This would be all fine and well if we were starving and the only nourishment available to us was an animal. But this is definitely not the case. We have taken the overconsumption of animals and their produce to a level, where we have become greedy and ignorant of their great suffering. The cognitive dissonance is strong in the case of animals. It is true we as humans find it difficult to empathise with those that are least like us, or for a situation we have not experienced. Think about it, it is those who experience a tragedy that begin and support charities to help others going through the same.

When one looks into a cow’s eyes and connects this with the burger consumed yesterday, would one awaken?

For my history GCSE I studied the holocaust with morbid fascination. So much research has been conducted on human beings all having the capacity to commit violence and inflict pain, even though we would like to think we would not. As I think about the pigs being boiled in scalding water to take off the hair so they are more palatable for you to eat, not always fully dead from being stunned, and the millions of chickens being destroyed daily by poor human beings, in many cases suffering from PTSD. I think about the Jews that were treated as voiceless animals, as they were transported in vile conditions to their deaths not before traumatic, hideous and unspeakable violence had occurred. The people committing these acts had been convinced/brain washed into thinking these subjects were lesser, they were not worthy of human being status… 

I am not here to tell anyone what they should or should not do, only that we are fully aware of what we put on our plates and we ask questions of our beliefs. 

All my love and best health, 

Kelly x