Are you getting enough? Marvellous magnesium!

I tend to steer away from focusing on just one nutrient and like to look at the ‘whole picture’. It is a fact that no one nutrient provides all that we need; it takes a variety of foods to live long and healthy. However, it is also true that being deficient in specific nutrients can affect so many parts of your body and life, that an awareness of how powerful each nutrient is, must surely be helpful.

Then, listening to the hilarious and clever Jasen Wrobel talk about his new book ‘Eaternity’ made me think about this fantastic nutrient*. I am forever singing the praises of this mineral,  and even sharing with Kris Carr (author of your crazy sexy life) in London last month!

Magnesium is essential and it is also a mineral that so many of us are not getting enough of. Take a look at the assessment list below to find out if you could be low in magnesium. Also, please remember that deficiencies are not long term, consuming a variety of foods and avoiding sticking to the same food types will allow you to get a good range of nutrients.

The reason why this mineral is so marvellous is because it is required for making bones, protein, fatty acid and new cells and so important for vitality; it activates B vitamins and actually has a role in forming ATP (the energy our body is running on). This is only the beginning; and so we already know that strong bones, teeth, and energy levels are counting on good magnesium levels.

Furthermore, magnesium relaxes muscles meaning that it helps our heart and ‘here it is ladies’ – reduces period cramps! Have you often wondered why chocolate is so appealing at certain times of the month? I have great news… Raw cocoa is extremely high in magnesium. It is not the sugar content you need, so adding cacao powder/nibs or a sprinkle of organic cocoa powder (zero sugar) to a smoothie, porridge or an avonano pudding – sign up for my free ebook to get the recipe.

You may be surprised to know that magnesium is involved in over 600 enzymatic reactions; supplementation has been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of, among others, preeclampsia, migraine, depression, coronary artery disease, and asthma.

To have sufficient magnesium in your body, you must consume enough, but also have vitamin B6 and D in the diet. Furthermore, too much fat, fizzy drinks, high amounts of stress, salt and coffee will affect the absorption and may result in magnesium deficiency. Low magnesium levels are associated with a huge amount of conditions including migraines, MS, heart disease, kidney and liver damage, sinuses, PMS, mood swings, cramps and muscle weakness. My biggest surprise in researching this unique mineral was that a low intake has been linked with colon and lung cancer. Check the food sources below and make sure you are getting lots of these in your daily diet. If you find you are going through a stressful time or are low in magnesium, I would recommend a flavoured powder which can be added to your smoothie – Megamag Calmeze – it is a pleasant taste and balances the body and mind with a calming effect (order through nutriadvanced – see my homepage).
How much magnesium do I need?

The amount of magnesium recommended in the UK is:
• 300mg a day for men
• 270mg a day for women

Which foods are good sources of magnesium?

leafy greens e.g. Kale, mustard greens

dark chocolate
pumpkin seeds
cashew nuts
pine nuts
brazil nuts
buckwheat flour
green peas

Note: consuming too many dairy products and phytates in wheat bread can also cause the depletion of magnesium…
Magnesium deficiency assessment
If you tick more than 2 or 3 of these you could be low in this mineral:

muscle cramps, tremors or spasms
muscle weakness
insomnia, nervousness or hyperactivity
high blood pressure
irregular or rapid heartbeat
fits or convulsions
breast tenderness or water retention
depression or confusion
I hope this helps you in some way and if you have any questions please get in touch. I wish you so much love, peace, and health!

Kelly x
Fun and extremely great links:

Jasen Wrobel – author of ‘eaternity’


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