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Hi and welcome to PassionAte Nutrition!


I am so excited you are here! No doubt you have found us because you are looking for a new approach to losing weight and eating for health and vitality, or you want to feel good and heal your body..

If you have felt frustrated with mixed dietary messages and have struggled with weight loss and making eating for health a habit, then I know how you feel and you are in the right place.

I am a teacher and registered nutritionist, with a first class honours degree in food and nutrition. My passion really is nutrition and enjoying healthy foods, hence the befitting name of this website. I can regularly be found experimenting in the kitchen creating healthy recipes and studying nutrients. I am also a health campaigner with a passion for improving school food and giving the younger generation a chance to become savvy consumers with the skills to establish healthy habits.

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My weight loss journey started very young. I started crash dieting at the age of 11 and even before this I can remember having a very low opinion of my body and appearance. Before the age of 16 I had tried every diet going, cabbage soup, living off 10 calorie packet soups, weight watchers, Slimming world. This mindset not only made me fatter but also led to a binge eating disorder crippling my self esteem. Studying nutrition and the psychology of eating opened up new doors and a new life. I want you to enjoy your food and feel wonderful in your skin, and know that it is achievable for everyone of us. My ambition is to help you feel good by finding your own way of eating.

Have you spent years punishing yourself with strict calorie counting for weeks on end, being irritable only to fall off the wagon binge eat and then give up. I have been there and know exactly why it happens. Lets get this out of the way from the beginning – IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!

Weight loss and clean eating. That was my aim. Over the course of a month I wanted to loose half a stone. Lethargy bought on by a newly diagnosed under active thyroid and the concern that after turning 50 the middle age spread was looming. I met Kelly at my own home. Warm and understanding , with heaps of encouragement I embarked on my clean eating. As I had the underlying issue of the thyroid, Kelly guided me through the myriad of does and don’ts, to a clear understanding of what I needed to do to attain the results I wanted. I DID IT!!
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Yes I lost the half a stone. Strangely that became less important as my energy levels have soared , my mood lifted , this is worth working for as much as the change in body fat. I continue to loose a few more pounds healthily , enjoying the ‘new’ found foods. I have made this change with ongoing support from Kelly finding I WANT to eat clean now. The ‘by product’ is a happy me which is actually possibly even more important? Thank you Kelly. I look forward to both the new recipes and tips for healthy eating .

Rachel, North Yorkshire

Work with me and I will share with you ways to not only lose weight, but also how to keep it off and feel fabulous. Weight loss is just a fantastic side effect of eating well and feeling great, a healthy lifestyle is worth so much more. I guarantee a confidential supportive service.

lots of love

Kelly x

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