A PassionAtely inspiring week, joy and food x

Gosh I love mornings, I sometimes think after a crazy busy week, oh try and have a lie in… I lay there mind full of busy and it just doesn’t feel good to me, and so this morning I did have a lie until around 6:30. And then as it is Saturday – yey! I threw my clothes and trainers on, chose a podcast to listen to, got my running buddy Toby (our wired haired fox terrier) out of his bed and braved the windy beautiful morning. Now this does feel good, it really wakes you up and gets the endorphins going. Now please, if you are reading this and thinking “I just can’t run” it’s just a story, its not true we can all run, walk fast, jog whatever you want to call it, just moving and getting outside in nature is the reward.

The colours this time of year are gorgeous, the golds, oranges, red, yellows and greens, just taking time to appreciate this is a beautiful awakened feeling. No matter what is happening nature produces these beautiful colours and scenes for us to look at. I ran to the end of the village where I can take in one of my favourite scenes, the river and all the gorgeous green landscape. There is something about water though don’t you think? I recreated the feelings of feeling so alive and full of joy this time last Saturday in ‘Greystones’ Ireland, with the happy pear gang whoop whoop! I think I did this far too well, as a car speeding past proceeded to cover me with water from a large puddle, I was shocked for less than a second and then laughed out loud thinking of running into the cold sea last week haha! I will be getting a name for being the only crazy mad woman in the village lol!

Any way it made me laugh, and we know smiling and laughing is one of the well known secrets to happiness. As I ran this morning I listened to an inspiring gentleman called Mike Rowe on ‘The school of greatness” a podcast by Lewis Howes (fab podcast). I love learning and I also love it when I read or listen to something that gets me thinking and not only that, questioning beliefs that are strongly shaped by our society. Having been brought up in a working class family and myself being a non professional for the largest part of my career, it is only in recent years I have trained and am now a teacher, I could relate to what Mike was saying. To get the whole story you can have a listen to the podcast. His outlook is that those people doing the ‘so called’ dirty jobs e.g. tradesmen, cleaners etc. are generally happier than others. He talked about how they are in on the fact that if they stop doing what they are doing things collapse, whereas many others do a job, he mentioned himself as producing a TV show, that if it wasn’t made would not make a difference to the workings of the world. It s much more complicated than this for sure, but it is certainly food for thought! Whoever you are, whatever you do, you matter and so have fun and be happy x

PODCAST news eeek!!!
I am so excited this week!!! We that is ‘Nicolistic online’ and myself recorded our first introductory podcast, we had so much fun and I hope this comes across. We do not have the fancy equipment but we have a passion to help as many people as possible shine their light. We will be interviewing lifestyle experts and finding out strategies, habits, routines and tips for you to be able to create the best you. Some people call it rediscovering a past you, but I believe I am creating a new ME. Join us http://www.shineyourlightpodcast.co.uk and subscribe to #PUREnation

PURE nation a revolution where we are determined to be all of these:

P we are passionate, positive and powerful

U we are unlimited

R we release all fear and negativity

E we embrace enlightenment

What I have been eating this week:

If you follow me on Instagram or are part of my secret food4soul group you will be familiar with many of my meals, however I thought I would share a few things here which may inspire something a little new or refresh your memory of foods you like.

Breakfast has been a variation of energy boosting smoothies each day, you can find green smoothies and options here site if you would like to know more. Some of the ingredients I have included this week have been avocado, spinach, bananas, green energy yogi tea, peppermint tea, chia seeds, siberian ginseng, ceylon cinnamon, cacao nibs, goji berries and more…

Lunch has been a mix of salads and leftovers from evening meals, in a mason jar including ingredients of celery, cucumber, red cabbage (seasoned with cider vinegar and Himalayan salt), Sauerkraut, edamame beans, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, olives etc.

It has been a week of parents evenings and so very quick dinners have included spicy scrambled tofu (recipe on from last weeks post), mushroom and veggie stir fires with Tamari, Miso based stew including beans, mung bean sprouts and more mushrooms and a lentil chipotle veggie chilli.

Snacks have been satsumas, plums, apples, bananas and my power mix of sunflower seeds, pumpkin, cacao nibs and Himalayan salt, and some spice roasted pumpkin seeds, also some cashews last night!
Here are 2 easy chocolatey yummy plant based dessert recipes for you:

PassionAtely chocolatey pear pud!

serves 2

2 tbsp tahini
a tin of pears – in own or natural juice
2 tbsp of coconut cream or yoghurt – top of the tin of coconut milk
2 dates
1-2 tbsp cacao powder

whiz up in the blender and enjoy a creamy yummy pudding x

PassionAtely need chocolate now!

serves 1

1 tbsp coconut cream or yoghurt (from top of the tin of coconut milk is perfect)
1-2 tbsp cashew/almond or no sugar peanut butter
a pinch of Himalayan salt
1 tbsp cacao powder
optional half a tsp of vanilla bean extract

I hope you have found value here and you have been inspired to eat more plants and less of the other things. If you would like to follow me or receive all of my posts and recipes weekly please subscribe on my site and below is where you can find me.

lots of love and health!

Kelly xxx
Insta: passion8nutrition
FB: passion8nutrition

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