A passionAte rant – junk is the ‘norm’!

It always drives me mad when I see crash diets in magazines advocating an eat what you want to approach. Forgive my soap box stance for a second but it is irresponsible! Our teenagers see these things and start obsessing about calories whilst stuffing themselves with junk food. I know this because I see it on a daily basis within a school setting and I have lived this as a young person. Adolescents are obsessed with filling them selves with junk, with no thought about the repercussions later on. Well, why would they, didn’t we all think we would live forever at thirteen? On top of this, advertising mediums are still confusing matters by talking about reducing calories and eating literally anything.

A large worry and one that I often forget because in our house there is an unwritten, unspoken rule of no sugary treats between Monday and Friday, is that many people think that eating sweets on a daily basis is the ‘norm’. It is mind blowing how much more positive the future would look making sure our children consumed more nutrients at least for 5 days a week. Young people are going to bed late, they are under exam stress, friendship, girl/boy friend stress and reach for the sweeties and energy drinks to get them through the day.

Let stop for a minute and look around, there are increasing levels of cancer, heart disease, dementia, autoimmune conditions, skin problems, anaemia and more (fatty liver disease has increased in teenagers over the past few years). Many of these are preventable by eating a clean and unprocessed diet. There can be no argument (there is too much evidence).

Can anyone stand up and say it is not true we can eat junk for 30 years and there will be no effect?

169 thoughts on “A passionAte rant – junk is the ‘norm’!”

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