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If you are reading my blog you must be searching for a better way, interested in your own health and that of your family. There is definitely a revolution happening, many more people ready for change, fed up of the misinformation, the confusion, the news of illness disease, premature death and now teens suffering from diseases previously only seen in older people!

I think of myself as a glass half full kind of girl, striving for non-judgement and am passionate about personal growth and self-improvement. After all, we are here for a short time and so why not try to make a positive difference while we are here. The reason I am saying this is because there are ‘societal norms’ in our current climate that is making me want to shake everything up or possibly a few powerful groups of people in a not so positive way!

Back to solutions: Keep scrolling for what I have been reading this week and a few easy tips for keeping your children healthy.

Tips to preventing child diabetes type 2

As a teacher, I see the impact of clever junk food marketing, the powerful influence of fitting in and social influence on our children every day. A few things I have found effective as a parent is promoting self-esteem in our children and being kind (and strong) enough to say no from childhood ‘cruel to be kind’. Both of these are not as easy as they seem, as you will know if you are a parent. In the next few months, I will be launching my book which will provide in depth information and a guide to tackling all the issues we come across with our teens. In the meantime, if you have any issues or questions you would like to pose that will help you, please email me,

In the meantime here are some easy tips to reducing your child’s risk of diabetes type 2:

  • Hydrate – Cut out fizzy drinks or at least limit to 1 or 2 glasses/cans per week and encourage your child to get a taste for water
  • Snack swaps – encourage fruit/vegetables as snacks at least a few times a week, avoid breakfast bars and yoghurts with hidden sugars
  • Make fruit and veggies fun – buy a good blender and make smoothies and frozen desserts together (try adding cucumber and coconut water to fruit smoothies)
  • Be active – encourage your child to be active every day, walking the dog, cycling, swimming, dancing skipping etc. Make it a fun challenge and get involved too

The best thing you can do for your digestive health is…

This is not the first time I am including gut health in my posts, but it is impossible not to with a new publication on the topic daily. Digestive issues are becoming a huge problem, it is bloating, diarrhoea, constipation etc. which are causing many people to despair. It is really no wonder when we look at the stressful lives many of us now lead. Mindful eating is not only something that is calming, it is actually essential in keeping a healthy digestive system. Therefore, we are starting to discover no matter how healthy our diet is, it’s really about how we eat even more so than the what!

Okay let me explain; the fact that we have teeth to chew means we should be using them. Our stomach’s do not have teeth and so the chewing part is essential in breaking down the food so that we can obtain the nutrients. If we do not chew our food enough the large particles can also damage our digestive tract which is essentially like cheesecloth and easily damaged with a big probability this will result in leaky gut/food intolerances/autoimmune issues (not good). Taking your time to chew your food allows your bodies innate response to do the natural work of digesting your food, and of course, you are able to taste your food.

If like me you can have a tendency to rush your food within a busy day, or you find yourself eating in stressful situations remember that this is a habit worth working on for the sake of your overall health. Remember to eat slowly and chew, start by smelling your food if you can (I know this seems random, although I know people who do this naturally it is something I have to try to remember to do) as it sends a signal to produce saliva and readies your body to digest your food effectively. Think of being grateful for the food and chew, chew and chew! Most of all enjoy your food and take your time.
Be your biggest cheerleader, not your harshest critic

I could be wrong but I think in general women are the worst for being self-critical. We expect so much from ourselves and often I have thought to myself would I say that to a friend, or what advice would I give them in this situation? This can be our ego, our self-sabotaging and so be aware of this negative self-talk if/when it comes up and have a word! For example, say excuse me I know you are trying to protect me but I know that I am good enough, I can drop this weight or I am a good mother etc. Flip it and be your best and biggest cheerleader.
Tip of the day!
Get your blueberries (bilberries in Europe) as they not only support memory and are high in antioxidants but also studies have shown they help protect your eyes from sunlight and photographic light.


Is there a nutrition solution to hair thinning?
It may seem quite random to discuss hair loss but over the last few years, I have come across the issue a lot! Ladies have commented on the thickness of my hair so many times, which I can take for granted, but then they have expressed their own concern – and so my interest was peaked by an article on CTE (Chronic Telogen Effluvium). CTE is hair loss caused by low serum ferritin (low storage of iron in the body). This doesn’t necessarily show up as anaemia. The hair loss can be gradual or significantly noticeable. Clinical investigations show that if the serum ferritin is raised above the individual’s trigger point then this can be solved. Keep in mind there are other reasons for hair loss (including genetics), but it is thought that around 70% can be attributed to CTE.

Important nutrients for CTE:

L-lysine (studies show that low levels of this amino acid exacerbate low serum ferritin),
Vitamin C,
Vitamin B12,


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