6 fat burning strategies for xmas holidays!

Xmas is a time for festive treats, joy and fun!

Ever wondered why there are those people that just do not put weight on over this holiday, even when you see them consume a vast array of Xmas fare? You may think it’s just plain luck or genes! However, the truth may be that these people are either naturally in tune with their bodies or have learnt to be more intuitive. What if you could listen to your body after overindulging and have strategies to feel great and even get that metabolic rate moving a tad faster?

evolution of the metabolism…

Because physiologically our bodies have changed very little from Palaeolithic times, it is suggested that eating in similar ways to times when we did not have 24 hour access to food will help us to improve our health in a myriad of ways, thereby, understanding how our metabolic rates work can determine how to burn fuel/fat more efficiently.

It is interesting to explore our ancestors diets, more so because we haven’t evolved a great deal anatomically. Although we live longer, as there isn’t as much chance of being hunted down by a large mammal, there is the theory that convenience and advances in food science have in some way contributed to a downward spiral in health (and a general mindfulness of food as fuel). Contrary to the belief that we may have eaten meat every meal in paleo times, as in areas of the world where people live the longest and happiest (blue zones) lower levels of meat were most probably consumed, as of course there was not access to meat at every meal time. There was also not food at every meal. Therefore overeating one day and fasting the next was a regular pattern.

I have found personally that this concept makes a lot of sense as you find a more natural rhythm that works for you when you take the time to listen to your body. For example if you have overeaten, you will no doubt feel full and lethargic, at this point it may be a good idea to fast until lunchtime the following day.

Tips to fat burning even at Xmas:

The following are guidelines and all of these used together will help you to burn fat efficiently and support health and vitality. If like myself in the past, you have lost touch with your bodies fuel needs, try to take some time to think before you reach for food; how do you feel? Then utilise the guidance below to help you.
Keep moving – Sitting down less will increase your fat burning potential. You do not have to do high-intensity exercise, walking regularly, moving doing housework e.t.c. are all keeping you from sitting and helping your metabolic rate. It may be worth adding a step calculator to your Xmas list and aiming to increase the number of steps you do each day.
Fast until lunch: I absolutely love breakfast but find every once in a while a 12 hour plus fast (going to bed until lunchtime) can give your digestive system the rest it needs. There is lots of science to back intermittent fasting, although it is much more successful for men. Giving your system time to recover and rest on occasion will boost your metabolic rate and support insulin resistance (this may not be suitable for those with blood sugar issues and or diabetes – check with GP).
cook from scratch – avoid processed foods as much as possible (and vegetable oils)
Eat more healthy fats – include avocados, nuts and seeds and coconut oil and or cold pressed organic nut/seed oils, your skin and energy levels will love you for it!
Omit bread and processed grains where possible – be aware that sugars and refined flours will cause huge spikes in blood sugars and lots of cravings for starchy carbohydrates and sugars (a reset/fast is a good way of recovering after overindulging in these)
Have one low carb day a week – going low carb for too long may affect your thyroid function which will cause easy weight gain (hence problems with the ‘very popular’ meat diet – where fruit and veg were virtually non-existent). Doing this one day a week will help convert your body to more fat burning than sugar burning. An example quick meal for this day would be eggs mixed with veggies, yoghurt or dairy-free alternative with a few berries – keep the fruit low on this day only.
If you feel that you need a complete reset either to kickstart a healthy lifestyle or a boost after being ill, my immunity boost 3-day plan (, £4.99 will support you and get you feeling fabulous!


Have a wonderful holiday and get in touch if you have any questions,

lots of love and health

Kelly x


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