5 steps to super healing through microbes!

The only taste preference we are born with is a taste for breast milk, everything else is acquired (Dr. Chutkhan 2015).

The above statement is mind blowing when you couple this with the fact that we are literally eating what our bacteria want us to eat. Even more so when we explore how we unknowingly wipe out species of bacteria which are present within our microbiome (the bacteria on and within our body) helping us to live disease free.

Antibiotics were created to save people from the death of bacterial infections and have successfully done so for many years. However, problems ensued as affluence afforded the liberal use of antibiotics for issues that could have been rectified through a better diet or simply resting. An example of this is when a person is given antibiotics to use daily over the long term resulting in the stripping away of beneficial bacteria in many cases this is suggested to lead to allergies/intolerances or much more serious autoimmune conditions including Crohn’s disease or junior/rheumatoid arthritis etc.

It all starts at childbirth and in his book ‘Missing microbes’ Dr. Martin Blazer describes how the microbiome is passed from our mothers in the vaginal canal. This is a concern when a baby born from a c-section misses out in this vital process to ensure we can start to fight illness. Interestingly Dr. Chutkhan author of the ‘Microbiome solution’ states that this can be rectified by wiping the infant with the maternal vaginal juices at birth. Scientists have found a link between children born from c sections and increased risks of eczema, asthma, allergies and or more serious autoimmune conditions.

Every time a prescribed antibiotic is taken at least a third of the gut bacteria is lost, and possibly a whole beneficial bacterial species wiped out. Many people are now aware of probiotic supplements and taking theses are a good idea, but it’s a mere drop in the ocean. It can take a year or more to replace beneficial bacteria if it can be replaced at all, therefore if you take a long-term prescription or multiple doses you can guarantee there will be health issues to follow.

So now you have this information and understand what can you do?

Depending on your situation you may be able to heal your condition through changing your diet if too much damage has happened to result in complete healing, there is still much you can do to improve symptoms. Follow these tips to improving your life, increasing your energy levels and feeling good:

Take a high strength probiotic.

Consume fermented drinks as much as possible _ you can buy Kefir water and Kombucha from some health shops or online (http://www.lewtress.co.uk).

Add fermented ingredients into your cooking e.g. Miso is fermented soy, make sure you buy an organic miso and use as a flavouring in stir fry and or soups. Also, organic (non-GMO) Tamari soy sauce is fermented and again can be used in stir-fry or as a flavouring to rice dishes etc. You can buy these in any health shops and in many supermarkets.

Fermented cabbage will promote the growth of good bacteria, consume this with any or all of your meals. You can make this yourself or buy this from health stores/online (http://www.realfoods.co.uk/product/10176/organic-sauerkraut).

Most importantly, consume lots of greens and fibrous vegetables including onions, garlic, leeks etc.
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